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Telegram Add Member is an all new telegram marketing software to add most active telegram members to telegram groups and channels.

  • Works with channels and groups
  • Add active bulk members at a time.
Telegram Add Member software.
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Telegram Add Member F A Q

Can i try telegram add member free ?

Sure. You can try Telegram member adder software for free. Telegram add members support all latest versions of windows operating systems and windows server computers. Telegram add member user interface is 100% friendly and anyone can use it without any technical skills. This telegram member adder use latest 2024 telegram updated api and works fine with every windows computers. Telegram enables admin to add telegram members to channels or groups. Adding telegram members has become one of the most popular methods of promoting business through telegram.

Which are the most common reasons or errrors for adding failure?

1. Showing "USER_ID INVALID" While adding

telegram member adder

It means you are trying to add a telegram member who uses virtual or fake sim to create a telegram account. Usually these types of telegram accounts are inactive or temporary accounts and not useful for marketing purposes.

2. Return "USER_CHANNELS_TOO_MUCH" While adding

telegram add member to group

It means the user you tried to add to your telegram group is already in too many channels or groups.

3. Shows "USER_PRIVACY_RESTRICTED" in telegram adder

telegram add member free

It means the user's privacy settings do not allow you to do this. Because user enabled his telegram account as do not add to any groups. You can't add these types of telegram accounts.

4. Returns "BAD" and adding failing

telegram add members free

It means you are trying to add members very fast. Please set appropriate intervals in between adding each member. This limit is different for each telegram account.

5. Error "FLOOD_WAIT" return and can't add more members

telegram member adder free

It also because adding members very fast. We recommend always setting correct intervals. Each telegram account has a different limit based on factors like telegram account age.

How do you add telegram members to your Telegram Group/Channel?

You can easily add members to your telegram channel or groups by following these steps using our telegram add member software. Once you have downloaded the telegram add member software, you will have to log in to your telegram account. For that purpose, enter your phone number and then enter the Telegram code you will receive on your Telegram account.Now, enter the Group or Channel URL from which you wish to add members or subscribers. Ensure that you are a member of the Group or Channel, and it has to be a public Group or Channel.By following these methods and steps specified in our website, you can add active telegram members from a CSV file to your telegram group or channel and increase active members daily.

What is add telegram member software ?

Telegram Members Adder is a software with which you can add members to your Telegram Groups and Channels with ease. With this software, you can find active users with interest in your niche and add them to your Group or Channel. Besides that, this feature complies with the terms and services put forth by Telegram. You can use Telegram Add Member on your smart gadget, preferably a computer with Windows eight or above. As of now, Telegram Add-Member is unavailable on mobile phones and computers with MAC. The top feature of Telegram add members software is that it not only allows you to collect ids but also lets you add the ids to any telegram group. With this software You can easily add the audience of your competitor channel or group by adding them to your own group.

Why do you need to use telegram add member tool ?

When we consider the benefits of using telegram add member software , they are countless. However, one of the essential factors to consider is adding niche-related audiences to your Group or Channel. Through this, you can improve the conversion rate and click-through rate, which will help in improving your profit. With Telegram Add Member, you can also send bulk messages to active users on Telegram. Here, you don't have to add them to your Group or Channel to connect with them.

What are the features of telegram add member software ?

Telegram add members is software with which you can add members to your Telegram Groups. You can use it for adding subscribers to your Telegram Channel as well. Besides that, you can use this software to send bulk messages to users based on their user names. With this app, you can find active Telegram users who would like to follow your content. By doing so, you can enhance your growth and bring in more people who have a genuine interest in your work.

Any coding or python skill required ?

No. Anyone can use telegram add member tool . No technical skills or coding skills needed. Just install software on the windows computer and start adding members. It's pretty easy to do. Start growing your telegram group or channel right now with telegram add member software. Our telegram add member software works with all latest windows computers. Please note it wont work with mobile, as its a windows software. It will also work with windows running on MAC. Anyone with basic computer skills can use telegram add member software. We also provide guidelines for using it.

How to download Telegram Add Members?

Whenever you are downloading telegram member adder tool , you have to do so from the official website of Telegram Add Members. Once you visit the website, you can find the download option. You have to provide your email address to start downloading the software. However, before you do that, you have to check the limitations of your Telegram account. You can do so from the official spam bot that is available on the Telegram software. However, you would require a clean Telegram account for that purpose.

Things to know about Telegram Add Member Tool 2024

Telegram add member software is the latest software that uses telegram 2024 api method. It use telegram graph api instead of telethon library. So adding telegram members works perfect than other telegram adder tools. Telegram comes with numerous features that attract its users. Telegram Channels and Groups are two components that can assist you in growing your business. However, it might sound hard to get members to your Channel or Group.

Add Telegram Members using Telegram Add Member

With the aid of Telegram Add Member Software 2024, you can add members to your Telegram Groups and Channels with ease. Through this process, the Telegram Add Member Tool will add members to your telegram group or channel. However, you have to import a csv belongs to your niche members. You can use our other tool, telegram group scraper for exporting members from telegram groups and save to a CSV file. Once you have a Group, you will have to provide them with quality content. It is only through this that you can ensure that your members remain active and continue to be part of your Group. Creating a telegram group or channel and maintaining it is pretty easy and zero cost. Adding members to a group or channel is the quick way to grow it.

How to add members to Telegram Groups?

Adding members to Telegram Groups is easy when you use Telegram Add Members software. Once you have downloaded the software, you have to create an account using your Telegram. You have to provide the phone number you have used to create your Telegram account. You would receive a code on your Telegram account, which you have to use for activating your account. Before you add members, you have to scrap them using Telegram Scraper. After that, you can save the details as a CSV file, and you can use it while adding members. Ensure that you are the admin of the Group and you have a Super Group before doing so. After adding each telegram member to the group, that member will be deleted from the members imported text file. This is to ensure there is no duplicates being added to the group during adding proces. Telegram add member will add unique members only, means no duplicate members.

How to add subscribers to Telegram Channel?

But, ensure that you are opting for a Channel with telegram add member software that belongs to your niche, as it will help you find the right audience. After that, you have to download the details of the members to your device in the form of a CSV file. You have to provide the details of your Channel and start adding subscribers. But, you need to have the right to run administration for the Channel. It is only then you can add subscribers.Our telegram member adder software now supports telegram premium api. That means you can add telegram members more safely with premium api. Telegram recently launched premium api for developers and we are the only software using telegram premium api to add members to telegram groups and channels.

Safe With Telegram

We are adding members using api with safe intervals.

Channels and Groups

Telegram Add Member tool work with channels and groups.

Customize Adding

You can customize adding by setting various options.


Active Members

You can import CSV file that contain telegram usernames (@telegramusername format seperated by comma) and add to your channel or group.Here are some of the benefits associated with Telegram Add Member Tool 2024.

  • Works with Channels
  • Works with Groups
  • Add Active Members
  • Safe with Telegram Terms

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Click below button to know how to download telegram add member software.This software works with telegram api and you can add active users 100% organically. Adding most active members from other groups is an excellent method to grow your business organically. Import CSV ( use telegram group scraper to export csv from groups ) file contain telegram usernames exported using telegram group scraper or fiverr and grow your group and channel right now!

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